Consultation & Training

Adélie Psychology Ltd offer training and consultation for health professionals, teachers, social workers, and fostering and adoption agencies in Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands.


Where there are concerns regarding a child’s mental health and/or behaviour, consultation with a Clinical Psychologist can help move a stuck situation forward. Catherine will come to you at a time that is convenient to you to minimise disruption to class teaching or your working day. Consultations will give your staff group the opportunity to share their concerns regarding a child or situation and for us all to think together about what might be going on and how to move things forward. At the end of a consultation you will have a greater understanding about what is driving a child’s behaviour/people responses to it and what strategies you can put in place to improve their mental health and behaviour.


Adélie Psychology Ltd can provide bespoke training for your staff group to compliment and enhance their knowledge and skills in working with children with attachment or mental health difficulties. Some of the training that can be provided is listed below:

  • Understanding and supporting attachment needs
  • Understanding and supporting mental health needs
  • Infant mental health
  • The importance of play
  • Child development
  • Communication with babies and children

Early Intervention & Prevention

Intervening early is often the best course of action. Training can help staff to spot signs of early distress in children and young people and know how to respond in the best possible way. Consultation can help guide staff when they are struggling with understanding a child’s behaviour or their reaction to a behaviour. Please contact us to see if we can help your organisation.