Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a therapy that uses art materials as a method of communication and expression. When experiences are too difficult to put in to words, Art Therapy can provide an opportunity to explore thoughts and feelings in a non-judgemental way. Art Therapy can be used to focus on particular aims such as emotional regulation, attachments and relationships, body awareness, self-regulation and healthy coping mechanisms.

Molly O’Connell is a qualified Art Psychotherapist and provides all art materials required for sessions. There is no expectation that a client must be “good” at art making, in fact it is much more important to focus on the process of making, rather than how the images look! Molly develops creative interventions to adapt to each client’s developmental, psychological and emotional needs.

Molly welcomes clients to use the therapy space however they need; using a combination of talking, art making and play to explore how they are feeling each session. There are also activities Molly and the client can do together for when the client is unsure where to begin.

Molly strongly believes that there is no right or wrong way to do Art Therapy. Within Molly’s Art Therapy sessions it is greatly important that the client has a voice and that their experience is heard and accepted. It is then through this non-judgemental therapeutic relationship that trust can develop to allow clients to explore their experiences in a safe space.

Art Therapy
  • 50-minute session

Art work © 2021 Molly O’Connell

Interested in Art Therapy

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