Online Therapy

Adélie Psychology offers psychological therapy to children, young people and families across the UK and the world (excluding USA and Canada) remotely.

The benefits of online therapy

Having psychological therapy remotely can make it a lot easier to access therapy when living in a different place to your desired psychologist’s clinic. Children can access therapy from their home with their pets or toys to comfort them. It allows more flexibility for parents to have a session when they can’t get childcare or when children are in bed. Remote therapy removes the stress and cost of travelling to a clinic.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, online therapy has enabled Catherine to continue providing therapeutic work with children, young people and families during a time of incredible stress and anxiety.

Is online therapy as good as face-to-face therapy?

“There is good evidence that therapy can be delivered competently via different media, is usually acceptable to the client, and that it is possible to build up therapeutic relationships that are as strong as those formed in face-to-face therapy” (British Psychological Society, 2020).


As recommended by the BPS, we use Zoom as our online platform for delivering therapy.  Zoom is an encrypted service and is free for you to access and download. You can download it from the Zoom link below for use on laptops or desktops, or you can download the Zoom app from your mobile device’s app store.

Zoom logo
Zoom app logo

By using Zoom we can ensure that our sessions are confidential. Each session has a unique meeting ID and password. We use the Zoom ‘waiting room’ to ensure that only the client enters the virtual therapy space. Through using ‘screen share’ we can draw and write together which works really well for children and young people. We can also share videos and animations and complete questionnaires together as if we were in the same clinic room.

Interested in Online Therapy

If you’re looking for psychological therapy provided remotely please contact us to find out our availability.