Autism Assessments

We offer autism assessments for children under the age of 5, school age children, and also adults.

NICE Guidance

Our autism assessment process follows the latest NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) Clinical Guidelines for assessing autism spectrum disorder in under 19s and diagnosing autism spectrum disorder in adults. 

NICE Guidance means that it has come from evidence-based recommendations on the best way to undertake an assessment of autism.

Multidisciplinary Assessment

We conduct a number of assessments as a multidisciplinary team.

This involves a Clinical Psychologist and Speech and Language Therapist who are skilled and experienced in assessing and diagnosing autism.

Gold Standard

Our autism assessments use the gold standard autism-specific assessments.

Other Assessments

As part of the process, we will also conduct other standardised assessments dependant on age.

These could be a cognitive assessment, sensory assessment, communication assessment, or adaptive functioning assessment.

Clinic or Online

All assessments, apart from one, can be conducted online. The cognitive assessment can be conducted online or in clinic.

Appropriate COVID-19 infection control measures are in place to ensure everyone’s safety when in clinic.

Report & Feedback

Following the assessment you will receive a comprehensive report outlining whether a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder is an appropriate explanation of your child’s presentation, including their strengths and needs, and recommendations.

You will also have a feedback session where the assessment findings will be explained and you will have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have.


Both myself and my son have had an autism assessment with them which has been brilliant. Can’t fault them at all. Amazing service.

Thorough and professional service.

We are very satisfied with Adélie Psychology due to the quickness of assessment and feedback, polite and empathetic staff and contact.

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100% of clients were “Very Satisfied” with their autism assessments

Enquire about an Autism Assessment

For further information about our autism assessments and to enquire about our availability please contact us.