Meet the Team

Adélie Psychology are a multidisciplinary team of qualified HCPC registered professionals.

Dr Catherine Lawrence
Director, Clinical Psychologist

Dr Helen Veater
Clinical Psychologist

Molly O’Connell
Art Psychotherapist

Emma Kiernan
Highly Specialist Speech & Language Therapist


Catherine has a strong values base and holds integrity, compassion, and care close to her heart which guides her psychology practice. Everyone who works as an Associate for Adélie Psychology are professionals with whom Catherine has worked with over a number of years. Catherine, can therefore vouch that all Associates hold very similar values and their work is of an excellent standard. Engaging children and young people in therapy is a skill that all Associates have demonstrated exceptionally and Catherine is proud to have them working alongside her at Adélie Psychology.

Contact us to find out more information and see if you feel the way Adélie Psychology professionals work, will fit with you and your family.